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Geo Milev Drama Theatre


The Theatre House, built in 1914, has become the city’s cultural and educational heart.  The first play in Stara Zagora was staged way back in 1870 - the drama "Malakova" by the outstanding Bulgarian poet and playwright Petko Rachev Slaveykov. The theatre’s company became professional in 1919. Today, the Stara Zagora Drama Theatre presents outstanding classical and modern productions.

Stara Zagora State Opera


The State Opera Theatre, founded in 1925, was the first provincial opera theatre in Bulgaria. Its name is connected with the names of internationally recognized Bulgarian opera singers like Hristina Morphova, Georgi Batalov, Todor Mazarov, and Anna Tomova-Sintova. It continues to provide world class operas.

Puppet Theatre


Established in 1957, the State Puppet Theatre has toured Europe and the Middle East with its excellence performances. It entertains children of all ages with its creative and fun-filled productions. Every year, the Puppet Theatre hosts the Pierrot International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival.

Address: 46, General Gurko
Ticket centre - in the Puppet Theatre House
Phone: +359 42 620346
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Arena Cinema

Address: 52 Nikola Petkov Blvd., Park Mall Stara Zagora


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Latitude: 42.427288889

Longitude: 25.661969444

Cinema City

Адрес: ул. Хан Аспарух 30, МОЛ Галерия

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Latitude: 42.438333333

Longitude: 25.631844444


Cinema "The Different Comsomol"

Address: 13 Pazarska Str.
Phone: 042 623 622

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Latitude: 42.425566667

Longitude: 25.629925000