Holidays & Festivals in Stara Zagora




This day is dedicated to the Jesus Christ's baptism in the Jordan river and is one of the biggest Christian holidays. Following the Divine Liturgy, the priest casts the cross in the water. Men brave the cold winter waters and try to recover the cross. The person who gets the cross first swims back and returns it to the priest, who then delivers a special blessing to the swimmer and their family and household.

Еzeroto Park

Festival of Masquerade Games


The Festival of the Bulgarian Masquerade (Kukeri) Games gathers groups of kukeri from Yambol, Sliven, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Pernik, Silistra and Stara Zagora. They start their procession in the streets of the city centre at 10:30, March 1. It finishes in front of the City Hall with a peformance of old ritual dances to chase the evil, the cold and the dark and welcome the birth of the new beginning of a new cycle of the nature.

Day of the Martenitsa



Martenitsa is a twined tasselled red and white thread, symbol of spring and health for Bulgarians.

"Bulgarians call the month of March ‘Granny Marta’ as the celebration for the beginning of spring. When the sun shines, Granny Marta smiles. When it is cold and stormy, Granny Marta is angry. For Bulgarians, the 1st of March is a very special day. On that day they give each other small amulets called martenitsa and wish each other Chestita Baba Marta. 

The martenitsa is a hand-made gift of red and white cotton symbolizing spring and expresses the wish of good health portrayed by a white face and red cheeks all year round. People wear their martenitsas pinned on the clothes until the day they first see a stork, a swallow in the sky or a tree in blossom. Then they can take it off and hang it on a sprig of blossoming tree (believing that it will bring a fertile year). This pagan tradition survives to the present day in the form of health and renewal in society."  
By Koozma J. Tarasoff "The Magic of the Month of March for Bulgaria, Spring and Women"

National Thracian Folklore Convention

Read more...Folklore song and dance companies from all over Bulgaria are taking part in National Thracian Folklore convention at the "Virgin Mary's footprint" neighbourhood (near Stara Zagora Mineral Spa).

Bulgaria Unification Day

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Read more...Remembering the unification of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia.

Bulgaria Independence Day

September, 22th  Bulgaria Independence Day


PIERROT International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival


The PIERROT International Puppet Theatre Festival for Adults was initiated in 2000 by PIERROT non-profit organization. The festival is a new, unconventional European stage of the puppet theatre art, dedicated to innovative and untypical forms: puppet theatre for adults. 

The festival is biannual. It takes place from 24 to 29 September under the patronage of Stara Zagora District Governor. Organizers of the festival are the State Puppet Theatre, the Municipality of Stara Zagora, the non-profit organization “PIERROT”, the National Center for theatre, Ministry of culture, Bulgarian Center of UNIMA.
The PIERROT International Puppet Theatre Festival for Adults organizes theoretical seminars, workshops, art market, exhibitions, street art as additional events.

Retro Ralley Stara Zagora

Parade of retro automobiles in Stara Zagora


National Revival Day

Read more...National Revival Day - a day-off for educational establishments

Day of the pelin wine in Zmeyovo village

Read more...Zmeyovo village is famous for making the Bulgarian bitter-sweet wine made with herb extracts, known as "pelin".Wine tasting competition, songs, dances and a lot more ...