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  • Around Stara Zagora

    selataThe numerous, small villages, situated in the Sarnena Gora Mountain, offer unforgettable experience with distinctive village life and safeguarded traditions.

    Orthodox religious and village holidays revive old rites and customs at Christmas, Midwives' Day, St Lazar's Day and Palm Sunday, Easter ...

    You can visit ethnographic collections taking you back to the life of Bulgarians dozens of years ago in the villages of Oryahovitsa, Dalboki, Kirilovo, Lozen. 

    The low hills and the well-developed road network provide easy access to the mountain and ample opportunities for choosing the most suitable hiking routes. The friendly people, mild climate and beautiful scenery will make your stay in Sarnena Gora Mountain worthy to remember. Among the  villages worth to visit are:

  • Starozagorski Mineralni Bani