Parks & Gardens

Located on the foot of Sredna Gora Mountain, Stara Zagora boasts some beautiful parks, gardens and a lot of green spaces right in the heart of the city.

Ayazmoto Park (Metropolitan Metodi Kussev Park)

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In 1895, Metropolitan Metodi Kussev initiated the establishment of the park by organizing the first planting campaigns on the bare hill north of the city. As a result, it was transformed into a magnificent park, featuring unique tree species imported from Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy.

The City Park (5th October Park)

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Located in the city centre on an area of 20 decares, the park was created in 1891. This is a favourite place of Stara Zagora citizens, where in nice weather, people like to sit for a chat around the fountain and mothers bring their children to play.

Zhiten Alan Park (Alexander Stamboliyski Park)


This park was established on an area of 15 decares in 1959. There is a monument for the Stara Zagora citizens that perished in all wars of the past century - the Balkan War (1912 - 1913), and the First and Second World Wars.


Bedechka Park


Situated in the northeastern part of the city, this park lies on an area of 1060 decares. It was named after the small river, Bedechka, that runs through it.

Bulgarian Volunteers Park


Located in the eastern part of the city, encompassing an area of 140 hectares, the park is known for its Memorial to the Stara Zagora Defenders of 1877, erected on the site of one of the fiercest battles of the Liberation War (1877-1878).

Thrakia Park

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This park was created between 1953 and 1972 - it is one of the many gardens which make Stara Zagora such a green city.

Railway Station Garden

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This park was created between 1898 and 1912 on an area of 1 hectare.

Stara Zagora Zoo


Located within the Ayazmoto Park, the Stara Zagora Zoo is a popular place for both children and adults alike.

Working hours: 7 days per week
Summer - from 8.30 to 19:00
(on Mondays and Tuesdays until 17.30)
Winter - from 8.30 to 17:00
Entrance fees: children up to 7 - free
students - 1.00 lv.
adults - 2.00 lv.


The Zelen Klin Park


Renovated with the support of the Beautiful Bugaria Programme, this green triangular park was opened on September 22, 2007.