Around Stara Zagora

selataThe numerous, small villages, situated in the Sarnena Gora Mountain, offer unforgettable experience with distinctive village life and safeguarded traditions.

Orthodox religious and village holidays revive old rites and customs at Christmas, Midwives' Day, St Lazar's Day and Palm Sunday, Easter ...

You can visit ethnographic collections taking you back to the life of Bulgarians dozens of years ago in the villages of Oryahovitsa, Dalboki, Kirilovo, Lozen. 

The low hills and the well-developed road network provide easy access to the mountain and ample opportunities for choosing the most suitable hiking routes. The friendly people, mild climate and beautiful scenery will make your stay in Sarnena Gora Mountain worthy to remember. Among the  villages worth to visit are:

Oryahovitsa Village


The village is situated at the southern foothills of  Sarnena Gora Mountain at an altitude somewhere around 225 m. It is 19 km from Stara Zagora, and the main highway that connects Burgas and Stara Zagora is just 3 km south of the village. It has a population of 782 inhabitants.


The oldest Thracian brick tomb in Bulgaria is located in the village area. This is a remarkable monument of the Thracian culture that dates back to the 4th century BC.
During the Middle Ages, several fortresses were built on the heights in the village vicinity in order to serve as a barrier of the crossing of Sarnena Gora in the direction of the capital Tarnovo.
In the middle of 19th century, the primary means of livelihood for the Bulgarians and Turks living in the village were agriculture – wine production, tobacco production, fruit-growing, rose-oil production and stockbreeding.


Dalboki Village


IMG 3957



This village is situated at the southern foot of Sarnena Gora Mountain at an altitude of 260 m. It is 17 km north-east of Stara Zagora and has approximately 1530 inhabitants. 


Dalbokii has a long history, as remains from prehistoric mounds have been discovered around the village.  During the Roman Empire, the Venets Fortress was an important stop on the road from Anhialo (Pomorie) on the Black Sea Coast to Avgusta Traiana.

Ostra Mogila Village





The village of Ostra Mogila sits 450 metres above sea level on the southern flanks of the Sredna Gora Mountains.  Just 17 km northwest of Stara Zagora and 2 km north of Stara Zagora Mineral Spa, it provides easy access to nature in all its soothing beauty, the revitalizing waters of a mineral spa, as well as easy access to Stara Zagora, one of Bulgaria’s major cultural centres.  Just southwest of Ostra Mogila, one has a panoramic view from Gradishteto, the highest peak in the area at 653 m above sea level, to the wooded flanks of Momini Gardi to the south and the highest peaks of Stara Planina mountain – Botev, Shipka and Buzludja.

Zmeyovo Village


This village is situated at the foot of Sredna Gora Mountain.  Zmeiovo lies at an altitude of 420 m and is near the Zmeyovo pass. It is 9 km north-east of Stara Zagora and a stop on the railway which connects Stara Zagora with Kazanlak.


The settlement probably came into being at the end of the 15th century. Its previous name was Dervendzhii, the Turkish word for “guardians”, since its inhabitants guarded the Zmeyovo pass. The main means of livelihood for the population were wine production and stockbreeding. The village was burnt down and destroyed during the Russian-Turkish Liberation war in 1877.
Today the village is one of the favourite places for second homes or weekend outings for Stara Zagora citizens.


Kazanka Village







The village of Kazanka is located 490 metres above sea level in the Sredna Gora Mountains, in an area of mountain peaks ranging from 600 m above sea level to the Rouya peak at 812 m above sea level.  From the Rouya peak, you can view the Central Stara Planina Mountains and the Rose Valley of Kazanluk, where the Toundzha River flows.  Visiting Kazanka also places you in the midst of major health and cultural centers such as the Stara Zagora Mineral Spa, just 7 km away and the cities of Stara Zagora and Kazanluk, both a short distance away.