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Wildlife Rescue Centre

spasitelencentarEstablished in 1994 on the initiative of the Green Balkans Federation and in cooperation with the Veterinary School and Thracian University, the Centre is focused on the rehabilitation, treatment, restoration and the release back into the wild of rare and threatened wild species in distress. Today it has been recognized as a Rescue Centre assisting the Ministry of Environment in implementing the Biological Diversity Act in Bulgaria. The Centre is a member of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC).

The Centre also develops educational ecological youth programmes, welcoming both visitors and young volunteers.

The Stara Zagora Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre comprises more than 50 facilities for rehabilitation, treatment, breeding and keeping of rare species on 6300 square meters – aviaries, a veterinary dispensary, service facilities, and facilities for birds flying and rehabilitation therapy.

More than 600 wild animals needing help are brought into the Centre every year. Over one third of them are successfully released back into the wild. Many of them are species of high conservation concern, such as eagles, vultures, falcons, herons, pelicans, storks and others.

Address: 21, Patriarch Evtimiy Blvd (Veterinary School)
Tel.: +359 42 607741


GPSGPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 42.405033333

Longitude: 25.635819444