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Yagoda village - Stara Zagora



The meeting point for this hiking route in the village of Yagoda is near the bus station. The starting direction is to the south-east, and the first sign can be found on a billboard. The trail follows the peaks of Drenaka (469 m), Kurtkaya (463 m), Kaminkata (554 m), Beter (809 m), goes by the Zmeyova Dupka (Dragon's Hole) Cave, where hikers can find a spring and a place to rest. Another peak is to be climbed, the Chichekbair, and then the path goes down to the Zagorka Lake.  

Colours of the marking: white – green - white

Duration: 5 hours

yagoda-stara-zagora-mapThe starting point could be from Stara Zagora, but then if a return to Stara Zagora is planned after the hike, there might be some difficulties. 

The hiking tour can be shortened, starting from Stara Zagora and finishing at the Zmeyova Dupka (Dragon's Hole) Cave, near the village of Zmeyovo. The trail starts from the old linesman's lodge on the Stara Zagora - Zmeyovo railroad, next to the Tabashka river, north of the bedechka Park. The duration of this hike is 3 hours.

The marking of this hiking trail has been renovated by students of the Romain Rolland Language School with the help of the Sarnena Gora Tourist Society, as part of an ecoproject, called 'Stara Zagora Eco-weekend' within the WWF programme "European Schools for live nature". 


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