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Stara Zagora Mineral Spa


This spa resort is situated 15 km northeast of the city of Stara Zagora, in a picturesque valley of Sredna Gora Mountain, at 370 m above sea level. It is an attractive resort offering excellent opportunities for relaxation and treatment with natural mineral waters and fresh mountain air in renovated rest houses and hotels. It is surrounded by clean broad-leaved forests and far away from industrial pollution. The natural thermal water is believed to have excellent curing and healing qualities.  




Picture 0101The mineral water springs are situated in and around the Stara Zagora Mineral Spa. The water springs from a depth of 1600 meters. The temperature on the surface is 40° C (c. 110°F), with a capacity of 12 l/sec. Many people believe that the mineral water springs can curemany ailments, including respiratory disease, kidney disease, and stomach troubles, just to name a few.  The mineral water is lightly mineralised, hyperthermal, andhas a neutral reaction.  Its contents include hydrocarbonates, sulphates, calcium, magnesium, silica, flourine, and other microelements. 



ImageStara Zagora mineral baths have a rich history. People settled nearby the warm springs eight thousand years ago. Today the remains of Thracian and Roman mineral baths (1st and 2nd century BC) are an attraction to visitors in the centre of the resort. The oldest copper mines in Europe, which date from the end of the 5th millennium BC, are located 7 km southwest of the resort and are of great interest to visitors. Semi-finished objects made from copper, extracted from these mines, can be found in a large section of Europe, extending to the Volga river in Russia. 


The resort offers accommodation in renovated rest houses and hotels which provide various facilities for relaxation and fitness activities.  There are also public baths and a mineral water swimming pool. 


GPSGPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 42.450172222

Longitude: 25.496005556



ImageThe area around the resort offers excellent hiking opportunities.  As far as hiking destinations are concerned, not far from the resort is the picturesque site called "Virgin Mary's footprint", known as a holy place with its small chapel, “Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary”.

The natural thermal waters and green parks of Stara Zagora Spa make it a perfect destination for rejuvenation and refreshment.


GPSGPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 42.463605556

Longitude: 25.494011111





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