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Late Antique House with Mosaic


Guest room with a multi-coloured floor mosaic in a rich private house (4th century AD). It looks like a variegated carpet with rich figured composition organized around a small pool with a fountain. The mosaic is among the best specimens of the Roman provincial art from 4th century. It has been preserved under a special cover under the street level.



Not far from the Antique Forum the remains of a rich private home (4th century AD) with a multi-coloured floor mosaic in the guest hall have been preserved. The floor mosaic has a square form, 9.4 by 9.6 m. It was made of small stone cubes consisting of more than ten colours, but containing mostly white, red and black. The white cubes are marble, the black ones are granite, and the red ones are ceramics. The mosaic has a complex composition, with figured and floral patterns.

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Address: 117, Gen. Stoletov Str.
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