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Ayazmoto Park (Metropolitan Metodi Kussev Park)

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In 1895, Metropolitan Metodi Kussev initiated the establishment of the park by organizing the first planting campaigns on the bare hill north of the city. As a result, it was transformed into a magnificent park, featuring unique tree species imported from Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy.





Situated on the southern flanks of the Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountains and in the northern part of Stara Zagora, today the park covers an area of approximately 320 hectares. As a result of the regular planting campaigns throughout the years, most of the park area is a forest, consisting of deciduous trees - mostly oaks, mixed with pines, cedars and cypresses. The park accommodates various kinds of exotic trees and shrub species: Aleppo pine, Aleppo oak, bay tree, pencil tree, paradise apple tree, and ginkgo biloba, among many others.



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Ayazmoto Park is probably the most popular place for Stara Zagora citizens to engage in recreation and outdoor activities. Besides the lanes in the park, there is a whole network of very diverse formal and informal small paths. Recreational facilities for the city's inhabitants of all ages have been created. These include four badminton grounds, tennis courts, children's playgrounds, an open-air theatre, a mirror hall and a three hectare zoo. There is also a small hotel with a café and a restaurant.


GPSGPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 42.432050000

Longitude: 25.622119444



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