Green zone – short-term parking

The “Green zone” is located in the central town area.  Visitors should be aware that the central town area can be challenging place to find an open parking spot.  The “Green zone” consists of a system of short-term paid parking. It is bordered by General Gurko St. to the north, Hristo Botev St. to the south, Otets Paisii to the west, and Patriarh Evtimii Bd. to the east. In this “Green zone” boundary the following places for short-term paid parking are specified:  

  • Southern and northern road lane along Graf Ignatiev St. from Dimitar Naumov St. to Tsar Ivan Shishman St.- 15 parking places
  • On both sides of the road lane along Graf Ignatiev St. from Tsar Ivan Shishman St. to Petar Parchevich St. -30 parking places
  • Southern road lane along Sveti Kniaz Boris St. from Ruski Bd. to Kolio Ganchev St. -70 parking places
  • The parking lot west of Ruski Bd. opposite the United Bulgarian Bank building
  • Northern road lane along Lyubor Bayer St. from MM Kusev Bd. to Ruski Bd.                               
  • Eastern road lane along Kolio Ganchev St. from Sveti Kniaz Boris St. to Pazarska St.
  • The parking lot to the west of Vereya Complex along Zahari Knyazhevski St. from General Gurko St. to Tsar Simeon Veliki Bd.
  • Western road lane along Ruski Bd. from General Stoletov St. to General Gurko St.
  • Eastern road lane along Ruski Bd. from General Stoletov St. to General Gurko St.
  • Eastern road lane along MM Kusev Bd. from L. Baier St. to Sveti Kniaz Boris St.
  • Eastern road lane along Tsar Ivan Shishman St. from Graf Ignatiev St. to General Gurko St.

The parking rules in the “Green zone” are enforced on weekdays from 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.

Special parking rules are observed in the “Green zone” and violators of these rules are subject to a number of penalties, including getting their vehicle towed or getting their vehicle’s wheels locked.  

Vehicles cannot be parked in the “Green zone” longer than 3 hours.

In order to park in the “Green zone”, a parking pass must be bought in advance from either a newspaper stand or a parking pass vending machine.   It should be filled out and placed in a visible, prominent position inside of the vehicle. 

In the “Green zone” the following are forbidden:

  • Parking a vehicle without a parking pass;
  • Parking a vehicle without filling in the data on the parking pass (such as minutes, hour, day, month);
  • Parking a vehicle for a duration longer than the maximum one that is either marked on the parking pass or stated on the road sign;
  • Marking a time on the parking pass later than the actual beginning of the parking time;
  • Parking in invalid parking places.